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Feminine Restriction



In Confidence plays the balance between the need to cover and the desire to reveal the body. The name eludes to the sensation the wearer experiences in dressing and wearing the garments due to the elaborate manner of securing the pieces to the body resulting in a sense of command and a feeling that the clothes seemingly are an integral part of the body. Light layers of cotton and silk secured with bands and stretch materials frame a sensual vulnerability of the body as the garments through movement seemingly involuntarily and serendipitously reveals a daring portion of the female body it aims to clad. The lightweight fabrics, at times transparent or semi-transparent, don a frivolous playfulness to character of the person carrying the the contrasting elegant and delicately embellished pieces. Shapes are the result of experimental draping in silk inspired by medical bandages and the sensitive work of Lillian Bassman. The colour palette is composed of various tones of light skin colour, paired with terra cotta, pink, whites and transparents. The choice of colour reflects the intimacy and calm mood of the collection.

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