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The inspiration for the collection originates in the study of the work by modernist abstract artists in general, and that of Barbara Hepworth and Eduardo Chillida in particular.

The sculptures of Hepworth, and the organic landscapes they in turn were inspired by, are characterised by organic, rounded, twisting shapes. The work of Eduardo Chillida I studied contrasted with visual elements cut into rectangular square-shaped forms. Starting off by creating geometric square-shaped patterns, I then proceeded to slice into these patterns to let the force of gravity work on the fabric, which as it parts in the splits, folds down, twists and loops back onto itself, in the process metamorphosing geometry into soft undulating forms. These folds also create volume and fluidity allowing the looks to take on unique feminine silhouettes in a quest for the ultimate form.

Chillida’s work in paper, reminiscent of Japanese brush work, has inspired the range of textiles used, mostly cotton, wool, polyester and silk paired together all with different textured surfaces. To emphasise contrast and create depth as the fabrics fold, textiles with different textures and colour have been bonded together. The colour palette used by Chillida reinforces the graphic nature of the collection and consists primarily of black, greys and whites.

Depicted on stills the garments appear stylised. The prerogative of fashion design, however, is to let the shapes flux by adding movement, dressing them on live humans.

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